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About us

Who we are

Founded in 1957 by António Joaquim Almeida Pinto, Pajá is a family company, with the founder's grandchildren as shareholders.

Throughout its history, the hardware factory had several addresses but it was in 1981 that it was based on Rua 31 de Janeiro, in Matosinhos, in a warehouse with a total area of ​​10,000 m2.

Pajá is recognized for the quality of its products and for the modern range of machines that make it a company equipped with the most advanced technology. This contributed to the construction of a solid base in which quality / price relation is concerned.

The commitment to customer satisfaction combined with the Made in Portugal concept, lead Pajá to the leadership of niche markets through the production of non-standard products, by order. The hardware company also excels in developing modern lines of brass or stainless steel, with the incorporation of different materials such as leather, porcelain and cork in its commercialized products.



Pajá seeks to meet Customers' expectations in terms of quality, service and product.



Although Pajá is a reference company, nationally and internationally recognized in the manufacture of brass fittings, customer satisfaction is its priority, making the company intends to work hard, every day, to fulfill this commitment.


Quality policy:

The commitment to continuous quality improvement is imperative, coupled with the fulfillment of customers, workers and other interested parties requirements and satisfaction, always using the Made in Portugal label.